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Care Club

Tue, 4 July - Tue, 5 Dec

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    First Tuesday of every month 9.30AM - 11.30AM

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    Flow Yoga, Building 3 1 Dairy Road Canberra 2609 Ngunnawal Country

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A refuge for the modern mother, Care Club is a monthly program with a focus on creativity and wellbeing. This is a nourishing experience for mothers and carers with their babies, or those preparing to give birth. By engaging with the arts, and embodiment practice, together we make sense of modern motherhood and fill our cups while we’re at it. 

Each session begins with a wellbeing practice followed by an hour-long workshop or activity with tea and snacks to end. Care Club is a safe and inclusive space in the family-friendly neighbourhood of Dairy Road. Comfortable seating is provided.

Tickets are $50 per session or $270 for 6 sessions.

Tuesday July 4 - Award-winning dance and physical theatre artist Alison Plevey invites mothers to explore their deep physical and emotional connection to their babies through embodied movement along with live cellist, Rachel Johnston.

Tuesday August 1 -Mother daughter team Zoe and Amanda combine creative energies to reflect on how nature can influence our emotional well-being, share tips on low toxic living spaces and how to make attainable self-care products.

Tuesday September 5 - This session is facilitated by academic, mother and writer Ella Kurz, who explores how the written word can make sense of the complex experience of mothering, uncovering how early parenthood and childbearing provide invaluable insights into human existence.

Tuesday October 3 - In this intimate session, Ayurvedic massage expert and mother Geraldine Saint-Gilles, guides us in the art of baby massage - an ancient tool for bonding with our little ones.

Tuesday November 7 - Using her fun and expansive model, The Game of Birth, Catherine will demonstrate how we can navigate birth, life and death.

Tuesday December 5 - Mother, yogini, academic and craftswoman Linda Uzubalis joins us to facilitate a discussion on returning to work after a chapter of intensive mothering.